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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10/2/16 Saltwater Report

     Got to make a quick trip back to the beach this weekend.  Fished the surf on Saturday without much success.  Used fresh shrimp to catch a crap load of pinfish, 1 decent little blue and a short whiting.  Used the blue for cut bait and had a couple of runs which one broke off and the other didn't hook up.  Also had something break off on the shrimp.  The surf was rougher than expected and I didn't really have the gear for heavy surf fishing.  Went to one of the saltwater lakes Sunday morning before heading back to the mountains.  Had better success there and caught some nice croaker, flounder and redfish.

Here's a clip of a nice little drum that I thought was cool with the 2 spots on one side and 3 on the other.

 Another clip of a very loud croaker.  I love it when the fish in the croaker family earn the name.  The first really big croaker I ever caught was at "The Rail" in Virginia Beach and I could hear it croaking way before it came out of the water.

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