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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thoughts on Braid-Part 1

     Let's talk about braided fishing line.  I love braid and have been using it exclusively for the last 15 years.  Growing up in Western NC, I always heard that I need to use the smallest, clearest line available to not spook the fish in our crystal clear streams.  Because of this, I always used monofilament fishing line and hardly ever used anything much more than 6lb test.  This usually worked fine until I hooked a large fish.
     I never really liked the original braided fishing lines when they came out because they seemed so foreign to me.  Nothing about it looked like it would trick a fish unless it was being used for catfish or sharks.  So when I had a chance to do some shark fishing, I bought my first spool of braid...500yds of 40lb test of PowerPro.  40lb test is only about 12lb diameter in mono so the whole 500 yards went on the spool which was my first surprise.  And then I fished with it.
     It is unbelievable how well braid casts because there is no line memory.  I was getting an extra 30+ yards on my casts.  It was so smooth being such a small diameter and nothing like stiff 40lb mono.  The strength everybody knows about.  The stuff really can feel like spider web with the strength of steel.  All that power comes through on the hook set, especially of the hard mouth, toothy critters.  But my favorite part is the feel of braid.  It is so sensitive that you can feel everything about the lure action and contact.  But more importantly, you can feel that bite.  It feels like a laser going between rod tip and the end of the line.  I was sold.


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